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Teacher Appreciation

You would think that my kiddo's teachers always get cookies, right?  Well, actually they rarely do.  I am usually too busy making cookies for everyone else's teachers to make any for Austin's.   This year however, I wanted to give them cookies on a stick and I've wanted to make apples with seeds for a while now. 
Why do we give teachers apples anyhow?  Do they even like them?  Is the whole apple thing getting old?  I hope not.

When making cookies on a stick or "cookie pops" I always cut out the dough and then chill the cookies before baking them.  Once the cookies are chilled, I insert the stick into the middle of the cookie and bake them in the dough.  They turn out perfect every time!
I searched on Etsy for a cute printable that would match the seeded apple that I pictured in my head and I ran across these adorable tags.  Cherri from Cupcake Cutiees Party added "Thank You" at the top for me.  They were the perfect size and easy for Austin to write his name on. I printed them on glossy cardstock.

The cookies went to all his teachers that have played a role in his very successful year; the librarian, PE teacher, his two main teachers, music and art teacher and the school nurse too for always band-aiding my little guy.  Did you know that it is also National Nurses Week?


Thank you to all of Austin's teachers for an amazing year in first grade! 
Thank you to all teachers everywhere for all of your awesomeness!!