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Okay, my sweet cookie lovers, I have a little giveaway for you! As you've probably heard since I've been bugging you for an entire month, Whip It Good Cookies is competing in the Intuit Small Business Growing Strong contest.  Intuit is granting wishes for 15 businesses. Out of over 12,000 businesses competing, Whip It Good has held strong in the top 18.  Getting in the top 15 can only be done with YOUR help.  I're all having nightmares from the Martha Stewart contest.  I am too but it is worth it!  ;) Winning this would mean that I could get a commercial mixer and other commercial supplies, beef up this website/blog and offer a lot more to YOU.  So as an incentive and also a thank you, I had to give something away. 

As I was trying to figure out what to giveaway, I thought to my self, what would I want?  I would want something from one of my favorite stores which is World Market and Sur La Table (just to name a few).  I chose Sur La Table because I selfishly needed some cutters too.  I went back and forth from display to display with my kids in tow (horrible idea - Jack dropped a ceramic ramekin right on the floor and it shattered into little tiny pieces which he proceeded to pick up).  It was really hard to decide so I got a few of my favorite things and hope you will love them too.

Okay, let's break it down...  
Who doesn't LOVE paper straws?  If I didn't want to hoard them, I would make my boys drink out of them everyday because then it would feel like a party every day.

I've had my eye on these loaf pans for a while now.  I would likely never use them as making any sort of bread product scares me but they would be cute used for condiments, nuts, favors or they would make cute storage. I think I liked them because they were tiny.

I really have an obsession for vintage looking kitchen towels.  Sur La Table has a million but obviously, this one caught my eye.  You can also see a package of lollipop sticks hanging out there.  I have a wide assortment of all lengths because I can use them for large cookies, mini cookies, cake bites (and school projects).

Everyone can always use more cupcake liners!  And chevron?!!!  No brainer.  I also loves these decorative beads.  I will have to return to the store to get some of my own.  I see cookies in their future. :)

But WAIT!  There's MORE! 
The winner also receives.......a $30 gift card to Sur La Table!!!  So you can have all this and go shopping in the store or online for your own goodies. 
Now, what do you have to do?  I'm so glad you asked. ;)
All you  have to do is VOTE!  That's it! 
Please case your DAILY vote for Whip It Good Cookies to have our wish granted!  You can VOTE every day and come back and enter the giveaway everyday!  Just tell me what number vote you were. PLUS you get an additional entry for sharing on Facebook.

If you want to keep up with where Whip It Good Cookies stands during the contest, after you vote, if you look at the top, middle of the page to the left, you can close out of the Whip It Good Cookies voting page.  It then takes you to the main contest page. Above the businesses, you will see a button that says, "Most Loved Votes." Click that and you can see who has the highest number of votes.

**Sur La Table is not affiliated with this giveaway in any way.  These products were purchased by me, just because.  That's how I roll.  :)