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Creative with Cutters

 I had the dough rolled out and the cookie sheets ready to go when I realized that I had no idea what cutters I was going to use for the Winnie the Pooh cookies.  I looked at their shapes upside down and sideways to determine what I already had that would work.  The creativity came into play for the Pooh, honey pot and Tigger cookies.
To make Pooh and the honey pot, I used a cauldren cutter.  Turned upside down, I lopped off the lip of the cauldren with a circle cutter to keep the bottom of Pooh's face rounded.

Using the same cutter for the honey pot, I lopped off the legs of the cauldren straight across the bottom. 
For Tigger, I used a bell cutter upside down.
If you can think outside the cutter, you can create any cookie with what you already have. :)