Happy Belated Halloween!

  I know I'm behind but can you really ever get enough of Halloween cookies?  I can't.  They are some of my favorite to make but I think I say that about everything.  So before I move on to Thanksgiving, I have to wrap up Halloween. 

These are my favorite Halloween cookies to date.

My pumpkin patch.  The world would not be right if I didn't put polka dots on any of them.

I love making simple cookies. 

The spiderwebs were by far the easiest to make.  Although Halloween is over, I will do a tutorial on how to make them.  A little disco dust was put on the spiders to fancy them up.

Culturally diverse Frankensteins!!  ;)  (chocolate and vanilla)  I must say that I channeled my inner Sugarbelle for the Frankensteins.  

I used a Wilton #48 tip with thick, pipe icing for the mummies and then flooded the middle with black.  

I hope your Halloween was fun!  Here is a pic of my Ninja and Cowboy :)