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Extreme Makeover | Cookie Room

Yay!! I have a new cookie room!!  Isn't it cute?! 

The cookie room used to be my "formal" dinning room.  I moved from my tiny kitchen to this space to have more room.  Two years into cookie decorating with a full-time job and two kids didn't leave much time for sprucing this room up.  I have to say, the makeover was not my idea and actually no where on my radar.  My RTF, Kerri (another name for BFF - more on what that means in another post) came to visit from Canada.  She walked in and immediately thought there were things we could do to get the room more organized and functional for me.  We were going to have to get really crafty cause if anyone knows the budget that I operate on; she does, which is basically low-to-no budget. 

I was actually busting at the seems with no where to put any more supplies. The cabinets in this buffet were jam-packed.  Do you like the wall color?  My husband would call the color puke but I always thought it was more of a golden-mustardy yellow. :)  Not much I can do about the carpet right now.  Almost everything in our house was forest green when we moved in.  Everything.

Wasn't my workspace lovely?  My order board had items written on it from January I think.  I had good intentions once it went on the wall but I actually couldn't reach it very well with the table there.

Searching for a cutter was awesome fun!

Searching for ribbon was too!  Don't judge me. ;)

So you can clearly see the reason for the extreme makeover.  When she said that she wanted to help me get organized, I didn't know it would involve paint!  With the extra help of my mom and nieces, it was done in just a few hours. 

Ummm, yes....this is me.  I hesitated to post but again, this is me. :)

I put my nieces on ribbon duty.  They still love me.

And voila!  It is fresh and bright and I now have more organizational space than I know what to do with!  I only had to purchase a few items for this room including fabric, hardware, a light fixture (only $30), a $7 clock and a few storage containers from the Target $1 bins.  Everything else that was added to the room was found lying around my house or my mom's.

Kerri found a cute and functional idea on Pinterest to store my ribbon.  I didn't even know what colors I had before.  This is much for effective. The frames came from pictures hanging in my living room that I wanted to change out anyhow.

I had this dresser already in our guest room upstairs.  This makes packaging cookies a lot easier.  I have all of my supplies neatly tucked away in the drawers. 
Yes, the drawers came with the cute yellow stripes already in there...CUTE!
The cutters on the top of the dresser are the ones I just used and have to put away.

WiG business cards!

Now I can reach my order board!
My sweet niece, Jordan painted a couple of canvases for me that I already had.  All my cutters are now organized and labeled.  Lucky for me, my mom was getting ready for a garage sale so I went shopping for storage containers at her house.

I used some paper that I had left over from Jack's first birthday party to cover the lables that were already there and then added my own.
I am in love with my workspace!!!  BTW, the fabric for the curtains came from Hobby Lobby.  I purchased one cut of 5 yards and used by 40% coupon. :)  DIY baby!!

This table-top shelf was just hanging out in my garage. My favorite find!  The black and white cups are my "dump cups" for icing crumbles and such.  I decorate on the plastic placemat which is so much easier to clean up.

Pics of my monkeys were a must, as they are my daily inspiration.

This little cart from Ikea has been so helpful. 

I already had this handy bucket lying around doing nothing.  I can actually see all may bakery boxes, cake boards, etc now.  

This is an apron made for display.  My sis and bro-in-law had this and my WiG hand towels made for me for Christmas.  LOVE!

My niece also painted this cake board.  Sigh...I'm in love with this too!

This is the view from my kitchen.  Everything in the room is cookie related, even the fan!

This is a happy place for me now.
I still can't believe it!!  I am in love with this space and all of the possibility and opportunities it holds.
Thank you so much for being the selfless person that you are.  You spent a great part of your time while on vacation working to make my crazy life easier.  You are one of a kind for this and so many other reasons.   
And huge thank you to my mom and nieces, Jordan and Elissa for all of your help.
I am so blessed to have such amazing support from family and friends!